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BF201/1 GU MO A1 £209.40

BF201/1 GU MO A1
BF201/1 GU MO A1
BF201/1 GU MO A1
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BF201/1 GU MO A1 Valve, 1/4" bsp Service Ports, 3/8" bsp P&T ports

Double Acting Spring return to neutral Spool

Maximum Flow rate 25 l/min

Maximum Pressure 250 bar

The BF range of mono block valves derive from the BM series, and

differ from them by having a built in priority adjustable and pressure
compensated flow regulator (RFP) or two way Integrated pressure
compensated flow regulator (RFS) in the Inlet of the valve.
With the RFP version the exceeding flow is recuperated into the system and allows
the simultaneous use of the two spools, the first spool has the priority flow (PF) and
the second spool the exceeding flow (EF). An RFS version is also
available where the exceeding flow (EF) goes to the tank.
An important factor in the BF valves is that the flow regulator is only
in function when a spool receiving the priority flow is actuated, on the
contrary the oil goes to the tank without the flow regulator being actuated.
Therefore without loss of flow and unnecessary heating. The standard
downstream spools get the exceeding flow when the priority spool is operated and the
entire oil flow when it is not operated. One or more Priority spools are available in a valve.

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